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"All I Want For Christmas Is To Call Home"

I tend to not tell people the things I do, but I felt that this one was worth sharing because all this lady wanted was one thing, and that was to call home. 

I went to the gas station with my dad, and there was this lady with some stuff outside panhandling. I took the time to read it and all she wanted for Christmas was to call home. On this cold holiday she did not ask for money, for food, or for warmth, just one phone call home to tell them that she loved them and that she hoped they were having a great holiday. 

Normally I would have just lent her my cell phone, but on this day I did not have it. So instead I went inside and grabbed a $5 pay card so that way she could talk on the phone longer than I could stand there. Though it might not be much, I hope the little time that I could donate to her and the 2 bucks I had in my pocket will help to make her holiday that much brighter. 

Merry Christmas All, it’s the season of giving <3

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